Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyler's "man" party

No matter how many times I would ask my soon to be 3 year old what type of party he wanted, he would say "I want a 'man' party!" Um, okay... what is that? So I realized he started liking all the different superheroes like Spider"man" and Bat"man" and Super"man". Now that makes sense! However, I couldn't bring myself to throwing a specific character party, so I settled for a Superhero party... a Kylerman party!

Our party was at Imaginations at Play in Buford and it was an extremely colorful place. I used primary colors- mainly blue, yellow, and red. I created Kyler's super hero logo in Corel Paint Pro and used it on the invitation and the cupcake toothpicks.

I found the cutest scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby and used them for the placemats and also to create the guests' personalized cups that they took home for their party favor. The cups were the clear "create your own" cup also from Hobby Lobby. You just stick the paper in between the two cup layers and voila!

I worked too long on the super hero capes. I used a scarf-like material so that the capes would flow behind the kids as they ran. I went the easy route and used sewing glue to affix the felt stars and initials to the capes and peel and stick velcro for the cape closure. I think they turned out cute! I used sparkly felt for the masks and attached elastic to them.


  1. Too cute!!!

    Xander has that same "birthday boy" shirt!

  2. Great Inspiration. I know, it seems like 3 is the magic age for them to start liking super heroes. My son is in love with them. I will be doing a super hero party for his 5th Birthday if he is not into something else.

  3. OMG....that is the cutest idea. My daughter is turning 4 and she wants to have a princess and superhero party so my favors were gonna be the capes. didnt make them double sided did you? also, do you have a template you used to make the mask?

    I am gonna try and copy your idea of making a superhero logo with the letter c in it :0)

  4. I love that you threw an entire superhero party with out using any licensed partyware! And it looks so cute! Also, it seems really age appropriate.

    Thanks for sharing at my party party!

  5. Just stumbled on your blog! Super cute party!!!

    Kim @

  6. Super Hero is a great idea for a boy's birthday! I especially love the customized capes :) Another great idea for a little boy is a Mario Brother's party! Check out our blog to look at pictures from a Mario party we hosted and to get other great ideas for a party!

  7. I love those customized capes! My boys will definitely love this theme!
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  8. Another great idea for a little boy is a Mario Brother's party. Ben ten too. Good post. Happy birthday Kyler!

    Brad Fallon

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