Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bring on the buffet

I am a self-professed buffet lover.  Scary germs don't scare me!! Lately, I’ve been trying to avoid them because too many choices mean extra trips to the buffet and over-eating. Some of my favorite buffets are your friendly neighborhood Happy Super #1 Chinese buffet, the Golden Corral, any southern home cooking buffet, and my alma mater’s cafeteria lovingly known as the “Caf”.

Buffets are also great at parties because they are self-serve and give your guests fun options. My little sis in my sorority, Allison, had a mashed potato bar (a posh word for buffet) at her wedding complete with toppings like cheese, bacon, scallions, sour cream, etc. It was quite yummy! 

I LOVE the idea of candy buffets bars and plan on using one soon at one of my parties. Here are some aesthetically pleasing candy buffets along with some other dessert buffets using novel food items! 


Ice Cream/Float bar @

Popcorn bar @

Candy bar@

Smores bar @

Cupcake bar @

Cookie bar @


  1. OMgosh a candy buffet??!! I would just set my chair up next to it LOL. Is that a cupcake buffet I see as well?? I'm going to end up breaking my no eating after 8:00 after seeing these pics haha.