Monday, May 25, 2009

Truly Amazing Cakes!

I had to share some of these cakes I found today browsing blogs. I can't remember which blog had a link to her because I started clicking away when I saw the cakes and I lost the blog. Anyway, these outrageous cakes are by a talented stay at home mom named Jen who decorates cakes. I haven't found that she actually has a website, but here's a link to her flickr pictures. Go and check out all the fabulous cakes because they are truly amazing!

My favorite!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beverage Dispensers

I want one of these.

I need one of these.

I must have one of these!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Fishing Party

I was recently contacted by a mother who needed a "girly" fishing invitation. Her daughter had attended one of our princess parties and they loved the photo invitations we sent out. She wanted pink and brown and maybe a princess fishing. Here is the finished product: 

The princess was from Kay Miller Designs. You'll see more of her work that I have used on my invitations. She offers an Angel Use License that I use for my invitations. I LOVE her digital kits!! 
Anyway, I wasn't able to see how her party turned out but I thought it was a cute theme. They actually visited a trout ranch and the kids got to fish. I have a couple of cute ideas for the whole fishing theme. Enjoy!

One of Rachael Ray's viewers sent in this clever tip to turn a batch of Jell-O into an edible aquarium! All you'll need are fish-shaped cookie cutters, melon and blue Jell-O for the project your kids will love to help you make and eat! 

This may look just like the bag that you carry home from the pet store, but don’t be fooled…this plastic goldfish is not swimming in water, it’s embedded in clear, glycerin soap shaped like "water in a bag". By The Spoon Sisters. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bring on the buffet

I am a self-professed buffet lover.  Scary germs don't scare me!! Lately, I’ve been trying to avoid them because too many choices mean extra trips to the buffet and over-eating. Some of my favorite buffets are your friendly neighborhood Happy Super #1 Chinese buffet, the Golden Corral, any southern home cooking buffet, and my alma mater’s cafeteria lovingly known as the “Caf”.

Buffets are also great at parties because they are self-serve and give your guests fun options. My little sis in my sorority, Allison, had a mashed potato bar (a posh word for buffet) at her wedding complete with toppings like cheese, bacon, scallions, sour cream, etc. It was quite yummy! 

I LOVE the idea of candy buffets bars and plan on using one soon at one of my parties. Here are some aesthetically pleasing candy buffets along with some other dessert buffets using novel food items! 


Ice Cream/Float bar @

Popcorn bar @

Candy bar@

Smores bar @

Cupcake bar @

Cookie bar @

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Puppy Party was featured!!

Our puppy party was featured on Creative Parties and Showers! Go check out the other fabulous parties over there! Thanks Shannon!!!