Friday, April 17, 2009

New and Improved Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Being a former teacher, I feel that I can be a spokesperson for all teachers and say, "Please! No sweaters, notepads, pencils, or necklaces with apples!" Now that I've got that off my chest I want to say that it really doesn't take much to make your teacher smile. A nice note or letter letting her know what a good job she's doing means so much. Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5th so I wanted to share some novel and tried and true gifts and ways to show your child's teacher you care...

Bring her breakfast from Chick-fil-A...
Visa Gift Cards would be great!  Remember to tell her she can't buy anything for the has to be spent on herself! 

Personalized Gifts are my all time favorite!!! Here are some really cute items! 

Rhinestone Koozie from My Simple Indulgence.

What teacher doesn't need a personalized clip board? This one is so whimsical from Etsy seller jnall3

Feeling Crafty? Homemade gifts are affordable and teachers love them! 
Here are some cute ideas...

I loved fun magnets to stick on my whiteboard at school. Skip to my Lou made some using glass craft gems. 

Most teachers are addicted to hand sanitizer... I wonder why?? Little Birdie Secrets has embelleshed the boring hand sanitizer bottle. 

3 Scrapbooking Ladies made some "thank you" candygrams. 


  1. I Love the embellished hand sanitizer! What a great idea!

  2. Thanks for the ideas!! I never know what to get teachers and I know they must have a boatload of apples, chalkboards and coffee mugs lol.

  3. Love the sandwich idea! What a kick!
    Great ideas!

  4. Ooh these are cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them. Although I don't have any kids (yet!) I do have a mom who is a teacher in an inner city school and doesn't receive much "appreciation." I'm going to do something nice for her using your ideas! Thanks!