Thursday, March 19, 2009

Puppy Stuffing

Everything is finally starting to come together for Wryeton's puppy party. I finished the name plaques for the puppy stuffing station. I purchased the wooden plaques at the dollar tree and painted them pink with acrylic craft paint. I took out the old string used to hang the plaque and replaced it with a cute black and white polka dot ribbon. I found some fun glittery chip board letters from Joann's for 40% off to use for the character trait names on the plaques. At first, I was going to name each basket a different attribute like "love", "friendship", and "kindness" for the guests to use to stuff their puppies, but realized I wouldn't have any room on the plaques for words that long. I called my friend and fellow party hostess, Leigh-Ann, for a little brainstorming. She's an English teacher, so that should help...right?! Well, it did because she came up with breaking the word "love" into smaller words since it was such a broad topic. So now we have "hugs", "kisses", and "smiles".

My puppies came in this week and I am so excited- as is the birthday girl. She's been carrying her (unstuffed) puppy around everywhere! I got the pink poodles for the girlies and the lab puppies for the boys.

My to-do list:
  1. Buy more poly-stuffing
  2. Finish the pink topiary - finish twising the flowers, paint the pot black, add white polkadots
  3. Decorate each dog bowl with guests' names.... paint pen or glittery foam letters?
  4. Buy dog collar supplies- stretchy cord, beads, round key tags
  5. Make dog bone cookies for party favors
  6. Buy black and white polka dot scrapbook paper for placemats
  7. Buy pink tablecloth and plates
  8. I'm sure there's lots more but I can't think!!!

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