Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little Puppy Inspiration

It's March and I promised a new theme for our Pampered Princess Parties company this month. Well, it's not quite ready because I'm still gathering a little inspiration and lots of supplies for the launch at my daughter's 5th birthday at the end of this month. Wryeton's party will be a little different because she has so many friends who are boys, but I will be using a lot of the same concepts for our new theme....

It's a Pampered Puppy Party!

Here are some of the places I have drawn inspiration from during the planning process of our new theme...

Birthday Express has these super cute ears to dress up the guests like puppies. Of course, I always feel I can do just as well making them myself. I'll let you know how my dog ears turned out (or if I ended up buying these).

As the guests enter the party, they'll visit the grooming station where they'll receive their ears and a puppy makeover, complete with black nose, freckles, lip gloss, and pink nail polish.

Birthday Express also has these dog bone sipping cups...I'll have to think about those if my budget allows.

I went wild in the website Birthday Party Ideas! There are some very creative moms out there!

I found these unstuffed puppies at and will definitely be using them at our parties!

Each guest will be able to adopt a puppy of their own to stuff with hugs, kisses, and smiles. I purchased 3 laundry type baskets from the dollar tree and will use them to hold the stuffing. On each basket will be a pink plaque with the words "smiles", "hugs", and "kisses". The guests will pick stuffing from each basket to stuff their puppy full of love. They will also have the opportunity to name their puppy and receive an adoption certificate.

I will be updating our puppy party ideas all this month leading up to the launch party!

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  1. Oh my gosh, dog bone sippy cups!!! My doggie-crazed two year old would love those! She may need to have a doggie themed party again this year just so I can buy them. And I LOVE the pampered puppy theme. Too cute!

    Can't wait to see all the details of your party come together.

    FYI: Scooby snack dog bone graham crackers are must. They are delicious!

    More puppy inspiration here, if you're looking for it: