Friday, February 27, 2009

A year already?!

It's hard to believe that my best friend, Amber, is getting ready to celebrate her son's first birthday next week. I was reminded that, about a year ago, some of her friends and I threw a shower for her and little did we know... we threw it right in time! Keagan was born 2 months early because Amber had preeclampsia and toxemia, both which can only be cured by delivery. He was born at 31.5 weeks and stayed in the hospital for a month. Thankfully, he had no health problems except for the jaundice they treated him for the first few days. He was in the nursery, just to learn to eat. If he had had health problems, he could have been there longer…..but her awesome doctor (who happened to deliver my kids also) had given her the steroid injection to advance his lung growth before they delivered him. Happy Birthday Keagan!

So, back to the shower we had for her a little over a year ago...

We had a "pea in the pod" shower for Amber and used all colors of green around the party area. Her invitations had a cute baby in a "pod" in the background and a vellum top with all the party information (box 7).

We continued the theme with the customized water bottles (box 1). Here's a close up on the water bottle labels.

Amber couldn't stand not pitching in, so she made precious pea in the pod pins for everyone to wear (box 4). At the end, we told everyone that there was a special suprise in someone's pea pod. The winner received a pea pod with bath bombs as the "peas"(box 4).

For the food table centerpiece, I made a flower arrangement using baby washcloths as the flowers (box 2). It turned out really cute!

Our food consisted of fresh fruit, marshmallows, and pretzels- all to dip in the chocolate fountain (box 3 and 6), green M&M's, lime sherbert punch, cucumber sandwiches, cold spinach dip, danishes, and a cold cuts platter.

Amber even dressed the part by wearing a green striped shirt (box 5). She is pictured with the party hostesses- Elizabeth (me!), Nicole, and Lauren.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So, if you don't know already... I love! More specifically, I love to see moms being creative and doing what they love! Paula is a mom of four from Reynoldsburg, Ohio and has created the wackiest and cutest jewelry featuring another thing I love...DESSERT! So, my Wacky Wednesday pick this week is for Paula's Fakery Bakery jewelry! How thrilled would your birthday girl be to receive this as a gift?!

Visit her shop at for more dessert jewelry.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Payton's Curious George Party

My friend and fellow party hostess for Pampered Princess, Leigh-Ann, threw a Curious George party for her daughter, Payton, who had turned 3. We went bananas at Payton's Curious George Party because it was hands on and so organized!

Leigh-Ann had 3 different stations for the party guests to rotate through. The first is pictured as number 1 in the collage. If you remember in the Curious George movie, George decided to paint all over the walls when he found some open paint cans. Leigh-Ann covered her hallways with white butcher paper and let the kids paint on the walls. She used washable finger paints from crayola, so it really didn't matter if the paint landed on the guests' clothes.
The next station was making chocolate covered bananas (see box 6). Leigh-Ann spread wax paper over the kitchen countertops and dropped melted chocolate on the wax paper for each child (so double dipping was acceptable). The kids were given a banana to dip into their chocolate. The guests finished this station quickly so she got some Curious George Tattoos for the kids (see box 2). Tattoos are always a big hit!

The final station was to color a monkey mask (see box 3). Leigh-Ann is a scrapbooker and has lots of fun tools to make perfect circles, etc. She used paper plates and elastic string to secure the mask on the kids' faces.

Monkey Mask Directions:
1. Cut the middle out of a paper plate for the face.
2. Cut two smaller circles out of another paper plate and glue to each side of the face to form the ears.
3. Cut small circles out of the face for the eyes.
4. Tie an elastic string to the mask so it will be secure on the guests' faces.
5. Draw a half circle and two small dots to form the nose (see Monkey Mask template).

Next we ate yummy cake off of the cute Curious George plates (see box 5). You can get them at most local party stores plus Birthday Express online. Birthday Express also has complete party favor kits that you can order and tons of coordinating supplies.

This was not the actual birthday cake Leigh-Ann made (although her's was really tasty), but I had to share it because it was so cute (see box 4). It was, of course, made by my mentor, Martha Stewart!